CREATAVIST: A Different Kind of Grief

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I decided to self-publish my masters project that I worked on at the Journalism School last year. It is an article that looks at neonatal loss (the loss of a child before or shortly after birth) and the grief that these parents experience. This was an incredibly sensitive piece that I spent over three months reporting.  I spoke on the phone with these women, attended their support group meetings, met with them and even went to their homes. I think it is an incredibly important story, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a magazine that would publish it because it was too sad.  However, I felt that these women deserved to have their story told.  I hope you feel the same.
Here is the link to the story online:
Please feel free to share with others.  Since I self-published, I’m hoping to reach as wide an audience as I can on my own.
You can also download this piece on the Creatavist iPhone app for free!
Thank you again for reading my work!

One thought on “CREATAVIST: A Different Kind of Grief

  1. Simone,

    I just read this article and it brought tears to my eyes. You did such a wonderful job writing about something g this tragic. I’m heart broke over and over but you also brought new insight to this subject. Thanks for sharing.

    Warmly, Ashley

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