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Review – American Idiot

Even though supposedly a part of the target generation, I did not have high hopes for the ‘American Idiot’ musical: I had never liked Green Day and had hated the original 2004 album.  When I heard about the musical, I expected it to be nothing more than a bunch of angst driven teenagers jumping around … Continue reading

Review – Ages of the Moon

Shepard’s new play, Ages of the Moon, is his attempt at writing an existentialist play à la Beckett.  The characters seem to be little more than American versions of the characters in Waiting for Godot, as they sit on the front porch, in some remote countryside, passing the time until the lunar eclipse by drinking … Continue reading

Review – Orpheus X

‘Orpheus X’, Rinde Eckert’s latest music-theater piece which showed at the Duke theater in late December, was a re-telling of the classical myth.   The devoted lover, Orpheus, braves the underworld to save Eurydice – only in this adaptation Orpheus became a rock star obsessed with a stranger after she was hit by his taxi.  This … Continue reading